Thursday, May 20, 2010

Automatic Backlink Builder

Some will say that manual backlink creation is the only effective way. I disagree. Manual is a good way to start but using an automated system will greatly reduce the time spent building backlinks. I begin by creating content like blog posts, articles and web 2.0 properties. Each with one or two backlinks to my main site. Deep links work well to gain rank for individual pages in your site. It's better to have more than just links to the home page. After I have a fare amount of content linking to my site I then use Backlink Beast to generate backlinks. It is a site that automatically builds backlinks. Sites like Hub Pages are easy to get higher page rank and to show up on the first page of Google. All you need is backlinks to these sites. The Link Juicer builds the backlinks using different social bookmarking accounts and blog posts. You write the content and use The Link Juicer spinner to make the articles unique when posted. Another technique that the Link Juicer can help with is called link stacking. This just means to add backlinks to sites that have links to your site. This works for content you create or for truly natural backlinks that other people have created. It is better than reciprocal linking because if you link back to a site that is linking to your site it will diminish the amount of link juice going to both sites. This is where link wheeling and three way linking also come into play. Combining all of these techniques will get you the best results.
I have seen great results from using this program. I posted a screen shot that I will update periodically. This shows what my traffic looked like before and after using The Link Juicer. You can have these same results for your site. It is a simple and automated way to increase page rank and traffic to your site or blog.