Friday, February 5, 2010

The Power Of Dofollow Backlinks

One of the things search engines look at to determine where your site should rank is the number of links from other sites to your site. They will also count internal links from one page to another in your site. Some sites let you post links called bookmarks to their sites. These will only count towards your page rank if it is a dofollow site. Dofollow simply means that the top three search engines will follow the link and add it towards your page rank. Other search engines don't pay attention to the dofollow or nofollow code. So just because it is a nofollow site doesn't mean you shouldn't post your link on it. Plus there are two different types of nofollow. rel="nofollow" and robots="nofollow". Google's bots will follow the first but not the second. But neither will effect your page rank. Other factors that affect your score are the kind of site that the backlink is coming from and that site's page rank.
You will want to limit the percentage of social bookmarking sites linking to your site. Too many and they won't hold as much weight. Some other ways to build links is to write blogs, submit articles to ezines and to post comments on blogs and forums. Doing this will create what is called a link wheel. There are several techniques to getting more backlinks. To check how your site ranks pick a keyword that is related to your site and google it. If you find your site on the first page your doing great. If it is a few pages back you need to do some more work.