Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keywords: How to Find Them

One of the most troublesome parts of getting backlinks by creating content is deciding which keywords to use. I use Google's get keyword ideas tool in the adwords section of their site to make a list of keywords. First I type in the keyword I think best fits my subject. Then I have Google show me related ones. To choose the best ones I look at how much traffic each word receives. If it gets more than one hundred hits a month than take that word and Google search it with "quotation" marks around it. If the word has less then 10,000 results I put those off to the side to check. To check for competition I Google search each word without the quotes and check the page rank of each of the top ten sites. I do this by using this Fire Fox add on for page rank. Pick out 10 to 20 of these words and make a list.

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