Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Backlinks from RSS Feeds

To get backlinks from RSS feeds combine your website feeds, article feeds, web 2.0 feeds, profile feeds to one giant RSS feed and submit it to top 20 RSS feeds directories. You'll want to add link juice to the sites the RSS feeds originate from by adding backlinks to them. Here is a list of rss directories to submit to. RSS feeds are a good way to get organic backlinks. These are backlinks that other people create to your site. These are better because they are natural and search engines can tell that they are. If all of your links come from the same IP address search engines won't give them as much weight. Also if you get a bunch all at once they might penalize your site rank.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining the use of RSS feeds for SEO, I'm a newbie, and I haven't yet tried such method.
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