Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Link Wheel

A link wheel is a series of links going from one site to another making a circle with each one also linking to the main site. Write a unique article for both of theses article directories, GoArticles and Ezinearticles. Link from one to the other. Make your links in your articles hyperlinks with your keywords. Next you'll want to make a Hubpage about your topic and hyperlink it back to one of your articles using a different keyword. Then write a Google Knol using a keyword in the title. Do the same with linking it back to your Hubpage. Start a Blogger blog and link it back to your Google Knol in the same fashion as before. Start a Word Press blog and link it to your Blogger blog. Lastly link to your Word Press blog from your website. All of these sites should also have a link to your main site. You should eventually make a Squidoo lens, a Hubpage, and an article for each of your keywords. Make them all unique and link them to each other as described above. Social bookmark all of your sites to increase their page ranks. You can use an auto backlink generator to do this for you to save time. This is a good way to increase your rank in search engines for your targeted keywords. The last thing I did was create a Facebook page about how to build a link wheel. Check it out to see how I am coming with building a wheel for this post.


Halaman Dipo said...

nice share.. i should try this one

crystal said...

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I learnt a lot of things from it. thank you !

CRM Indonesia said...

A link wheel is a series of links going from one site to another making a circle with each one also linking to the main site --> is this the same like 3-way link? Thanks before.

Agraj Technologies said...

I use Social Bookmarking to create a link wheel. If I am wrong then please tell me. One more thing that can anybody tell me that which one link wheel has more importance, link wheel from blog post or from social bookmark.
Thanks for sharing the wonderful information.
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Dutch said...

This is a very helpful tips. I've already tried this one and it indeed help increase a traffic in my site. I'm sure many bloggers or SEO people already have an idea about this. - Contributor: Pregnancy Miracle Thoughts

Sultan said...

Content is powerfull, but one can have some sites which don't have much content, For that we need lots and lots of links, i tried several teqniques and i get 10-15 links per day, its very tough, ill try this, see how it can help!

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Thanks for the dofollow blog!

Zack said...

This is awesome. I'll start my link wheel tomorrow.

kuldeep said...

Thanks for the post i m sure it will help it out

Rayvenwoodmanor said...

This has been very informative and has helped realize what i can do to improve my business. Thank you for posting this!

Agraj Technologies said...

I have told that I use social bookmarks to create a link wheel but it is not improving the results. I asked for help if I am doing any wrong. Please help me to correct the method to create link wheel.
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Scot said...

Social bookmarking can be used but adding content is what makes it work. It gives something people can link to and this creates a natural link wheel.
A 3-way link is an exchange between three sites, the first links to the second and the second links to the third and the third links back to the first. This is better than 2 way linking where you just link to each others site.

Shirley said...

Hey, really Great advice, thanks for the tips and info. i like this post. thanks again!!!!

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oyster lew said...

great tips there ,link wheel is great to get your site high ranked.
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Snick Technologies said...

Dear Scot, Thanks for sharing the tips about Link wheel. Now Link wheel is the prominent word in SEO field. It is very helpful to promote a site to certain keywords. My suggestion is a content must have min 200 words, give links to the relevant keywords, don't create the link wheel in one day means you have 6 content you must have 6 days for link wheel process and use different ID to each ad every page creation. I hope this is very useful comments to whom is not familiar in link wheel.
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eileen anthony said...

Thanks for sharing this stuff...Link wheel is such a great strategy that web masters using and getting good results... I also have done same job like you mentioned in you article... but link building is a time consuming activity. In the link wheel its essential to create different contents on every single page with different account to connect them each other thus you would definitely get good result and no change to get negative result.

Marko Gorc said...

Useful info. Just what i needed to start my own wheel!

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Anny Watson said...

It's very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

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